For individuals

I recommend an initial (free) strategy session to understand the needs, limitations and the expectations of the individual.

Subsequently, I structure a schedule of personal interactions. I also set up the number of hours of telephonic support and online chats.

For groups

Depending on the need, I customise and structure the following methods

Coaching Methods


Half Day Seminars1

For problem awareness and root cause analysis

Weekend Workshops2

To develop skills for specific problems

Long Term Workshops3 

(typically 3 Contact Hours per week
for 10-11 weeks)

To develop a deeper set of skills that
require more time,practice and feedback

1 Seminars are in the form of interactive discussions or lectures / talks

2 Workshops are interactive with emphasis on practical exercises

3 These are a combination of lectures and practical exercises

I provide certificates of participation and when required, I grade the participants on behalf of the course sponsors.

For Career-related discussions, I prefer to have participants to be either friends, or from different organisations, who are comfortable sharing their issues. I do not recommend persons from the same department, or having a reporting relationship, participating in the same session.

To optimise delivery, the process followed is:

  1. The topics to be covered are pre-selected from a check-list
  2. The objective of the workshop / seminar is determined
  3. The coaching method is determined
  4. The date and logistics of the event is fixed
    • This includes any requirement for pre-workshop material