Reviews by Corporate Leaders

In the 21st century, students would change jobs more than six to eight times in their working life and would change careers at least two times during the same period. Across all these changes, students need to retain and hone their transferable skills. Chandra Kant’s book focuses on those skills required to become better corporate citizens and entrepreneurs.

He has written this book in a refreshing and innovative way. The book is targeted towards MBA students showing what is required to maximise the benefit of an MBA education. But I feel that the scope of this book is much more. It also shows parents and instructors that they too, need to change the method of knowledge dissemination and assimilation in the 21st century information era. I believe that this book will help in managing the expectations of new recruits, as it spells out clearly what is expected from them by the organisation.

Kris Gopalakrishnan,
Chief Executive Officer and
Managing Director, Infosys Technologies

Chandra Kant’s book is a must read for all MBAs and anyone else who is wondering why he or she is not getting ahead in a career, despite having all the necessary job skills.

Rajeev Chopra,
Managing Director,
Philips Electronics India Ltd.

This is a good book for students aspiring to become managers. The concept of a student as the CEO of his life makes them think responsibly and critically. I believe this book helps students understand what they can do, what they want to do and what they love to do, quite early in their career. If one is entrepreneurial he can not only channelize his entrepreneurial energy in his start-up but can also add value in big or small corporations as well as in new generation companies; even enterprises which are growing rapidly in small towns.

Anand Talwai,
Executive Director and
co-founder, NextWealth

This book is written by someone whose heart beats for MBA students. Chandra Kant has addressed all major issues right from entry into the MBA Program – how to make its best use and in corporate life thereafter. A ‘must’ for MBA aspirants who want to make best use of their time, money, energy & shape their career effectively.

B.M.L. Jain,
Chairman, Indus Business Academy,
Arihant Education & Research Foundation


In my personal view, “MBA Blues” shows B-school students a realistic picture of what additional life skills they should practice and perfect during the MBA programme. Students, even their families and friends, carry certain misconceptions about the MBA programme and this book mercilessly trashes these myths, forcing students to look at their future in a realistic and positive light. It teaches them transferable skills needed to manage not just their professional but also their personal lives.

This book is also useful to those new gen management students who are wondering, post their graduation, why corporate life is not as rosy as they thought it to be!!!!   I look forward to more books from Chandra Kant that would help the new generation Management Grads to cope better professionally, be more productive and entrepreneurial and therefore take some load off corporate leaders!!”

Srinivasan Krishnamachary,
Executive Director,
Investment Bank Technology,

This book can change the way you approach MBA as it covers topics that most MBA schools never teach. It also sets realistic expectations on what MBAs can aspire to do when they graduate. This book is essential reading for both MBA aspirants and those doing their MBA.

Chandrasekar Krishnamurthy,
Vice President,
Consulting Services, CGI

The business environment is increasingly becoming unpredictable and disruptive leading to uncertainties at every stage. With fresh MBAs today, what I find missing are that life skills required to remain relevant and be successful in such rapidly changing environments. Deplorably, getting an MBA degree has become a goal in itself and not the means to a goal.

Chandra Kant has lucidly articulated the additional skills which need to be developed beyond academic courseware needed for a degree. These skills would lead to a meaningful and rewarding professional life. Must read for all MBA graduates and young professionals.

Anurag Mehrotra,
Vice President,
Wipro Ltd.

Sometimes MBA looks a direction-less journey. This book is an insightful and efficient guide for students to make their MBA both enriching and rewarding.

Baskar S.,
Executive Director and
Co-founder, Amagi Media Labs

Reviews by Academicians

Thousands of starry-eyed young Indians join MBA programmes every year. Here, at last, is a guide to how they can realise their dreams. An MBA student who misses this book will be at a competitive disadvantage.

Rishikesha T Krishnan,
Professor of Corporate Strategy, IIM Bangalore
Author of From Jugaad to Systematic Innovation  – The Challenge for India

This book is a must read for anyone aspiring for admission to an MBA programme or already enrolled in one. It provides valuable inputs on life skills that will help readers cope with the anxieties and self-doubts that they will experience as they face the ups and downs during their programme. Further, it will facilitate them in the process of selecting and entering an organization (or industry) for employment, and also be of assistance as they progress in their later career.

Abhoy K. Ojha,
Professor (OB & HRM), IIM Bangalore

Professor Chandra Kant through his book, ‘MBA Blues’ has made significant contribution to the growing literature on Life-Skills. The book provides a pathway for MBA students to overcome ‘Blues’ and move to the ‘Blue-sky’ – a space of infinite possibilities.

Dr. Subhash Sharma,
Director, Indus Business Academy, Bangalore,
Author of “New Mantras in Corporate Corridors”

Reviews by Corporate Professionals

As a reader while reading this book you’d feel as though you’re having a conversation with the author and the exercises after every concept makes you feel as if you’re in a classroom with nobody to invigilate but yourself. Of all the concepts in the book, my favourite is ‘You are already a CEO’; for the very simple reason that it explicitly explains the theory of CEO within us and how can one manage it.

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Haricharan Pudipeddi,
Genesis Burson-Marsteller

It does not preach or give you immediate solutions to all your queries, it teaches you, prods you to think on your own and equips you to make your OWN decisions which lead to success!!

I recommend this book for aspiring MBA’s, MBA’s in the making and for people who are looking for a quality corporate life.
Do not forget to try all the practical exercises given in the book. This book is an experience in itself.

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Kavya Santosh Kumar,
Program Manager – Global Marketing
IBM India Private Ltd.


It’s a guide which makes you explore yourself from within. On completion of each part of this book, I bet you feel like so matured in your thinking- You will step in to the shoes of a Manager, a Team leader,…to a CEO. It relates to your life and make you realize that a CEO is not a different species, but you are already one.

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Aravind Gogineni,
Executive, Business Development
Lera Technologies

This book is very practical and is a must read for everyone who is undergoing management education/looking to take up a career in management. Stripped of all the confusing corporate cleverness(if i can say that), this book is a reality check for everyone, to gear up for what lies ahead in the mean world of corporates.

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Arvind Ravi Kumar,
Mark Corporation