Individual Coaching

Chandra Kant is an inspiring personality. A great mentor! He never teaches you…he makes you discover yourself…targets to make you a self-made person. More than books and lectures etc, he tries to bring real capabilities out of an individual (whatever be the talent).

The most I like in him is, he is a great mentor towards entrepreneurship and I am one among who have chosen that path.

Pradeep Jampa

I will be short of words if I started describing Mr. Chandra Kant. He is the best mentor of my life. What I learnt from him was that everybody has the potential to contribute to the solution and that the only support they need is faith. As hard-working as he is, he is very good at understanding other’s perspective effectively.

He knew the counsellee’s thought process and this extraordinary capability of him makes him a great, great mentor because he knew exactly what is the strength or what is the weakness of this person and how to motivate him/her or what should be right for him/her.

What else do we need from a mentor, who can show us the right path and understand our problems and rather giving the solution, he taught me how to get that solution. He made me tough to compete in market, also he taught me what things or skills will be required to survive in such competitive market.

He has taught me so many things but my favourites were ‘Self Awareness’ and ‘Emotional Stability’. These two learnings have tremendously helped me to become an efficient leader and a good team player.

He is the best mentor, friend and a great human being.

Salman Afzal

Chandra Kant is unarguably the best mentor and an ideal Guru I have come across or heard of.

He will guide you to conquer your fears and cross your limits to realize your true potential. Whenever I was at crossroads and approached him for guidance, he always asked me to answer some simple questions that made me realise what road to take and why. He always insisted on having short and long term goals in all spheres of life and that surely guided me in such situations.

His passion to mentor young executives is commendable. Even a short meeting with him will definitely rub off your shoulder and teach you a few life or corporate lessons.

It is a privilege and blessing to know him and be his mentee.

Vineeta Mittal

Chandra Kant is a friend and career coach to me. He always taught me to think on what i want to achieve in our life, how to make a decision , using 5W & 1 H technique, always making a plan B and he is real hero for my success today.

He had shown me, through Management Skills, ample ways to manage multiple things at a time with practical approach, how to survive and thrive in corporate life, how to balance personal and professional life.

Chandra Kant has acted as an emotional and career counselor for me and helped me to decide my career path. He has always guided me to look at long term perspective.

Amar Laddha

The main thing I have learned from Chandra Kant lectures was how to sustain in corporate life, peer pressure; how to manage your emotion; and foremost, how you carry yourself – mail writing skill, excel skill, presentation skill, and corporate attire, etc.

I am really grateful to have a Mentor like him.

Amit Bansal

I consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from, talk to & more importantly interact with Mr. Chandra Kant. He carries with him a unique flair when he imparts knowledge to those who are keen to attain it.

Surprisingly, he never told me how to do things. Instead, he told me what to do, he equipped me with the knowledge & above all he motivated me & since then I have surprised myself with my ingenuity, for which I will always be thankful. I cherish the many interactions we had outside the sessions, where he threw light on the many life challenges an individual could face & how I must priorities my goals & above all stick to what I believe in.

Mr. Chandra Kant always kept on reiterating that, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence therefore, is not an act but a habit.” He made me realize that I am smart, BUT there are smarter people out there and that I should acknowledge them, learn from them and above all be a good role model to those who may look-up to me.

Mr. Chandra Kant is a person who:

  • Is willing to share his corporate experiences,
  • Recognizes that life is demanding, the importance of mentors to guide and council professional as they take the next step,
  • Takes time from his schedule to help recognize a professional’s own ability,
  • Works to ensure that he gives his best for his mentee’s benefit
  • Is direct (you may not like it, but it is what HE BELIEVES IN & he desires that you too stand for what YOU BELIEVE IN).

If you are a budding professional looking to add value to yourself, I recommend that, if you do come across him, gather the courage, walk up to him, introduce yourself. If you do not come across him, you have an opportunity to enrich yourself with his knowledge through his many books/publications which throws light on how to survive & thrive in corporate life.

His management writings covers areas such as life skills & emotional counseling, which have become even more important as we cope with the requirements of professional life.

Luigi Cordeiro D’Souza

Chandra Kant is an amazing person to work with. He can work with any person from any industry as he is experienced in almost every industry. He is very organized person and he loves others (working with him) to be the same because that helps a lot in achieving your goals. He is a brilliant person in terms of his knowledge regarding Sales, Emotional Intelligence, Technology and various uncountable things.

His book “MBA Blues” must be read by every person who wants to learn every aspect of management.

I would like to recommend everyone that given a chance to work with him, please go ahead and accept it. I am one of those luckiest persons, who got chance to learn various aspects of life from him and whenever required I sincerely do follow the learning in my professional life.

Bela Agrawal

Group Coaching

I could relate this to my personal experience where I have taken or rather forced to make important career decisions in a very short time or in other situations where the complete picture of my chosen option is not available or “hidden”. At all these times, I felt the need of a mentor or an expert opinion who is well experienced both in the industry and academics and Chandra Kant’s profile speaks for itself.

I was impressed how the individual complex topics were clearly articulated and brought down to a personal level which we could easily relate to.

Adarsh K.

Career is stuck? The question was raised many times in my mind and there was no correlation of problems with any of my thinking. It was not a presentation and mundane talk through power-point slides. The smoothness with which speaker unravelled the thinking in most of the cases really helped me with the right thoughts to reinvent myself to further my career.

Somashekhara Gowda

Mr. Chandra Kant has a unique teaching methodology based on case studies and real life situations. His lessons on Life skills, Management skills and People skills have made me a better person and definitely a better manager. It was a pleasure to have got the opportunity to learn from him and I hope to stay connected with him.

Rahul Karandikar

Chandra Kant taught me the realities of corporate life and in a way has contributed to who I am today. In my line of work, “A sales person is as good as his last quarter – you start from Zero from the next quarter”. I believe the biggest lesson I learnt from him was…”The past is history, the present is what matters, who you are and what you do now.”

I do hope I get a change to interact with him again during the course of my career.

Vishal CR

A management guru, an impeccable speaker and a true leader who has motivated and kickstarted professionalism among hundreds of aspiring Management/Business Consultants like me. A visionary par excellence who nurtured talent to create managers leading and/or managing businesses today.

Mr. Chandra Kant encourages and influences his attendees to think business wise, money wise & client wise to create a holistic platform for revenue creation, client retention and growth maximization. He helps recognize the leader in oneself and induces a multi-strategy thought process that helps create dynamic professionals who forecasts risks and mitigate them well ahead to be at a competitive advantage than their peers.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Kant for being there and having helped me reach this far in my professional space. I have no hesitation in recommending him as one of the best coaches in the Management arena today.

Samrat Banerjee

Chandra Kant’s greatest talent, I’d say, is to help you think. He doesn’t get preachy, but will share his experiences with you. He doesn’t tell you what to do, but will be your sounding board. I think he said it best himself during my batch’s intro session – “You may not learn much theory, but you’ll learn to survive in the corporate world. Getting into the company only half the battle, staying in is what takes work!”

Mentors are scarce on the ground, we often go through years of employment without finding one at work. It’s good to know that you’re always a phone call away!

Uthra Mohan

Chandra Kant had a unique style of coaching and mentoring that took a while for me to adapt to. This style forced us to build logical thinking, be emotionally stable in a tough corporate environment and think and work like a team. From day one he encouraged us to think and act like corporate managers.

Learning from him was like peeling off layers of onion one by one, and at the end he made sure that we took with us some of the best taught and best learnt lessons into our corporate lives.

Vinay Bhave

Chandra Kant is the go-to person for pretty much every question you have. What holds me in awe about him is his uncanny ability to enable US to elicit the answer we are looking for through the haze of thoughts blotching our minds. The vast experience he has gained over the years, he transmits through his interactive and practical means, letting the attendees imbibe the true sense of what is expected  in their professional life.

His sessions revolved around activities that were focussed towards nurturing skills like negotiation, selling your ideas, balancing the emotional quotient and upping project management abilities, to name a few. As I look back now, an year after attending his sessions, I see how critical these skill-sets proved to be, at various points of my work life.

Utkarsh Jhanwar

Mr. Chandra Kant is one of the few Mentors that I really look up to. His knowledge and experience is truly in-depth specially in the area of Management Skills and Life Skills.The course gave me a clear perspective to think rationally and also deal with certain areas like mental models and thought process.

I like the approach that Mr. Chandra Kant has … like a true Guru he encourages us to think out of the box and take up challenges. His practical approach towards life and grooming young executives is truly commendable and praise worthy.

Brian D’Cunha

Chandra Kant’s courses on Management Skills has helped me at every step of my professional career. He is the most knowledgeable person I know and talks purely from the real corporate world side.

His lessons on presenting ideas (likes of business plan/proposal) have equipped and enabled me present an idea to the top management. Teachings on EQ helps an HR professional keep emotions in control and do the toughest of jobs with ease. eg – “firing someone”.

Rekhansh Chopra


Professional experience

Head, Marketing and Strategy, Quintegra

I worked with Chandu and enjoyed the mentoring that he advocated. Chandu, being the Head of Strategy, would be the approver of all the business plans that I made for the testing practice. To get an approval from chandu left me with a confidence that I could run it past anyone. This was the level of detail, quality and saleability he sought in an idea thereby pushing me to come up with what I should actually come up with and not what I can come up with. I enjoyed working with him.

Joseph Martin, Head – Testing Practice

Chandu is a very focused and a highly talented individual. His insights into running business have been very valuable.
It has been a an enlightening and a pleasurable experience working with him.

It is seldom that you come across a well rounded (pun intended and otherwise too) and a self actualised person who is able to create the perfect balance in a work environment.

Chandu is one of those very rare individuals who make the workplace a platform to have fun as well and we have seen a dramatic increase in productivity just with that aspect.

Srinivasan Krishnamachary, Sr. Vice President, Quintegra

Head, BFSI Services, Perot Systems

Chandra Kant is a rare combination of strategic thinking at the highest level with the ability to tactically execute in any situation. Extremely comfortable to communicate effectively from the Board Room down to the execution management level and make everyone at ease. He knows how to finesse when appropriate and close when necessary above and beyond his subject matter expertise.

Rishi Abrol, Business Development Manager

Chandra Kant always had an eye on the ‘big picture’ whilst able to translate it’s implications into detailed processes and systems. This a strong and rare talent in itself, but he is also further able to communicate this effectively to executive level clients on one side and technical programming & test teams on the other. He played a large part in our ‘fast growth, satisfied clients’ success story during his & my tenure in Perot Systems.

Chris Jones, European Managing Director

Chandra Kant is an extraordinary person and an even extraordinary professional. Immense capability, unparalleled knowledge on almost any subject and a sense of humor that lends itself very well to defining his personality. I have been mentored and supervised by him, so I have had the time to truly measure him.

A legend.

Abhiranjan Singh, Engagement Director

Chandra is a person who has vast amount of knowledge and a walking encyclopaedia who can talk and make sense on any subject not just related to work but also about life in general.

Extremely warm, approachable , great leader and at the end of the day a great human being to work with..

If given an opportunity I would love to work with him again and learn from him.

Sunil Rao, Business Development Manager

I was fortunate to work closely with Chandra Kant over a period of several years. I am absolutely convinced that he is one of those very rare people who are spectacularly brilliant, without flaunting it for his own ego. His capacity to produce, which is significant, is an outgrowth of a work ethic we could only wish for our children. His intelligence understands how to analyze, shift paradigms and re-organize, process, concepts, people and needs.

His enterprising, leadership and motivating capabilities are unequivocal thumbs up. Chandu is a Guru.

Shub Chowdhury, Sr. Business Analyst

Chandra Kant is more than a management thinker – he’s a guru. His ability to strategically, yet incisively, analyse  markets and business problems, come out with practical solutions, and communicate them effectively to just about any client or colleague is simply amazing.

Mario Lewis, Head – App Dev & Migration Practice

Vice President, Credit Suisse

Chandra was a thoughtful, mature and highly capable technology professional who worked for me as a senior member of my management team in CS’s developing Asia/Pacfic Region. With a solid technical foundation, Chandra excelled at levering this talent to help provide efficient and sound IT solutions to the region’s most pressing business needs.

He was a poised, self-starter who was a pleasure to work with and truly admired by his peers and internal clients.

Jay Siegel, CIO, Director

Chandra Kant was has an amazing ability to create a larger picture and bring in depth to any conversation. He has in-depth knowledge of the business that he was willing to share and discuss. He is fun to work with as a person. His brings in perspective that is unique and useful in setting the work context. As a manager he was perceptive for the needs of the assignment and people management. He would take the learning to the next level without any significant effort.

In a nutshell he is a strategist with a larger picture and great interpersonal skills.

Nishith Mehta, Vice President

Chandra is extremely analytical in his work and his attention to detail make him a valuable asset to any organization. He brings good balance of Technology and Management skills to the table and he’s able to extract the best out of his team. It was a very enriching experience for me working with him on back office technology projects at CSFB.

Prem D’Cruz, Programmer/Analyst