Career Management

Career Management

  • The first 3 months
  • Branding
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Career effectiveness
  • International Sensitivity
  • Changing jobs
  • Quarter Life / Mid Life Crisis
  • What should you do after joining an organisation? How do you create the right impression and be effective
  • How to create an identity within and outside the organization
  • How do you understand and handle those who impacts your career and your projects
  • What habits you may have developed that are impacting your career progression
  • How do you understand and deal with people from other cultures
  • Are you changing jobs for the right reasons? How to ensure that the next job is the right one
  • How to handle major life-altering transitions like starting a career, changing a career, moving into middle or senior management
  • How to determine the purpose of life and how to achieve it

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Interpersonal Effectiveness

Conflict Management and Difficult Conversations

  • How to have effective conversations  by understanding the causes of conflict and using the right words and body language

Win-win Negotiations

  • How to reach a win-win situation

Managing Relationships

  • How to foster deeper relationships and understand the reasons for ineffective relationships

Group Dynamics and Politics

  • Understanding how groups behave, the science of influence and how to convert and group into a functioning team

Managing Meetings

  • How to make meetings short and effective

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Emotional Resilience

Emotional Control and Balance

  • Irritation and Anger
  • Anxiety and Fear
  • Mood and Depression
  • How to be aware of your emotions and actions, how to control them and bounce back to effectiveness

Stress Management

  • How to manage stress using physical, emotional and cognitive methods

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Professional Effectiveness

Critical Thinking

  • How to develop ability to think and make decisions rationally. Understand the thinking and logic fallacies that impair good judgement


  • How to come up with innovative and out-of-box solutions

Presentation Skills

  • How to structure a presentation, engage the audience and make your point using graphics, logic and emotions

Sales and Negotiation

  • How to elicit needs of the buyer (he may be your boss) and come up with a winning proposal

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Business Effectiveness

Understanding and Changing Organization Culture

  • How do organisations function, what defines success and how to change the current thinking process

Strategic Thinking

  • Business and Markets
  • Strategy
  • Systems and Processes
  • Organisation Structure
  • People – Recruitment and Motivation
 (The following components also provides a framework to analyse yourself professionally)

  • How to analyse if you are in the right business and the right markets
  • How to know if you are focusing on the right goals and whether you have an effective plan to achieve those goals
  • Understanding if the current systems and processes are helping you achieve your goals
  • Do you have the right structure to ensure accountability and productivity
  • How to get people with the right attitude and psychological traits to help you achieve your goals?
  • Do you know what makes them come to office each day

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