Part I:  The MBA Program

I.     “So, why do you want to do an MBA?”  3

II.    The problem with MBAs 5

III.   You are already a CEO, so think critically  10

Emotional hijacking

IV.   The making of an MBA   14

Factory Model

Fitness Trainer Model

Knowledge transfer in an MBA course

Why we do not learn

Motivation to learn

The cost of producing an MBA

The Choice of Specialisation

V.     MBA for sale – what salary will I get? 28

The demand for MBAs

Marketing of an MBA

The supply of MBAs

So how do you determine your salary?

Distribution channels

The needs of a recruiter

Part II:  What Managers Do

VI.   Introduction  43

VII. Managing physical well-being  45

Energy is not physical

Immunity and relationship with stress

The importance of sleep

Backaches and headaches


VIII.     Managing emotions 48

Beliefs and assumptions

How are beliefs created?


Are we puppets or is it low self-esteem?

Managing negative emotions






The behaviour of teens

IX.   Managing Change  80

Self Motivation


X.     Managing knowledge – so much to do, so little time  85

What is knowledge


Knowledge from books

How to read

Speed reading

Time management

XI.   Managing others 111

Group behaviour

Productivity of groups


Interpersonal Relations


Developing Rapport

Effective communication and motivating others

XII.  The best manager we know   122

Part III:  Critical thinking

XIII.     Introduction to critical thinking  127

XIV.      Problem, what Problem? 130

Is it a problem?

The Importance vs. Urgent grid

Root cause analysis

XV.  Seeing is believing  137


Sources of errors in judgement


Gathering data

XVI.      Eureka! 151

Importance of creativity

Brain storming

Rules of brain storming


XVII.     Closing words 165