The following blog details what is happening to us in our work life.

We need to learn to relax. Yes, I know we are told this ‘n’  number of times, but the reality is we do not know how. The best way that I have found is by progressive relaxation – deliberately tightening and loosening muscles from the toes upwards to the head.

The other is deep breathing – keeping your chest steady and moving your stomach in and out, forcing air into the deeper parts of your lungs that do not get oxygen with shallow breathing.

Try this once every two hours.

  1. July 23, 2011

    Place of serenity every quarter kinda helps me as well. I have tried the progressive relaxation technique as well now. Works excellently. Just looks funny to my co workers, that a guy in the middle of a hectic session can chill out so systematically. Cheers


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