I had mentioned some time ago about the distaste with which people regard sales.
I wish to reiterate the reasons why Sales is necessary in a career

  1. During the placement process, I have observed a direct correlation between the ability to sell and the impress to impress the recruiters.
  2. These are uncertain times. All companies are looking to retain market share and revenues. Sales is king.
  3. We need to face our fears. Else, the fear remains in our mind and we somehow create the very situation we wish to avoid. It would, therefore, make sense to not to fear sales.
  4. You’ll learn to negotiate.
  5. You’ll learn to close.
  6. You’ll learn persistence.
  7. You’ll learn self-discipline.
  8. You’ll gain self-confidence.

The last five has been mentioned in the following article by Jeff Haden.


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